President Macron welcomed Kurdistan´s leaders.

French President Macron received the visit of the Iraqi Kurdistan leaders , Prime Minister Nechivan Barzani and Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani.

Article by Alejandro Ronard Alem.- The French president Emmanuel Macron received in Paris the two leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan,Prime Minister Nechivan Barzani and Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani.

Already on October 5, he had received the Prime Minister of Iraq Haîder al-Abadi at the Élysée Palace (official residence of the President of France).
At the beginning of the joint press conference E. Macron said: “I want to thank the Prime Minister of the

Government of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Nechivan Barzani for his visit to Paris today, accompanied

by Vice-Premier Qubad Talabani. I want here to tell you all the friendship that France has for you.

Our deep attachment to the respect of Kurdish rights within a democratic, democratic Iraq,

united and respectful of its diversity.

Alejandro Ronard Alem

I also want to tell you how much we have appreciated your commitment in the fight against terrorism.

The Peshmergas, along with the Iraqi federal forces, fought with a lot of courage and determination against

Daesh for Iraq and the world ”
For President E. Macron the cease-fire in northern Iraq at the end of October is a positive development that should be comforted.

Macron said “the recognition by the Kurdistan Regional Government of the position of the Supreme Court of Iraq in regard to the unity of the country, is something we salute and I believe are the first elements that go in the right direction.”
Macron also affirmed “today France is calling for a constructive national dialogue to be established in Iraq, and for this to be possible, I believe that should be done around four fundamental elements and in full respect of the 2005 Constitution.”
The first “is that the legitimacy of a Federal Control of the external borders be fully recognized.”

The second ” as the Prime Minister Abadi committed in October in Paris, which finds a progressive demilitarization. In particular of the popular mobilization that was constituted during the last years in Iraq and that all the militias are progressively dismantled.”

The third is that “the dialogue allows to have budgetary balances and fair financial transfers within the spirit of the Constitution. This will allow the life of the whole of the Regions.”

And finally “that finds a full respect of the territorial elements provided by the Constitution in particular Article 140.”
President Macron also affirmed the following: ” The challenge for all is to allow Iraq -and the Kurdistan of Iraq- to find the way of stability and peace.

In this context the cohesion of the Kurdish people is essential and the presence today in Paris of its two leaders within the delegation is a beautiful symbol.
France will do in the next weeks and in the next months everything what it can do, so that the dialogue triumphs and allow the integrality and stability of all Iraq.”
The meeting was adjourned when President E. Macron called the Prime Minister of Iraq to inform him and thank him for his disposition.  Macron also informed all parts about the progress and the French position to all the presidents of the countries involved in this conflict. This is one

of the fundamental elements of the Macron method, talk and discuss with everyone, and always pointing out their point of view.

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