Once in Paris, “Shopaholic” Celine Dion hires stylist Law Roach.

111CELINE-DION-PARIS-2016_3217849013628968662The Quebec star is a real shopaholic. For her arrival to Paris where she performs a series of concerts, a two-room hotel suite has even been redeveloped for its 200 pairs of heels and her hundred outfits.

Nothing is too great for Celine Dion. Currently in Paris for a series of concerts at the AccorHôtels Arena and ending on July 9th, the Quebec singer confided in the pages of the latest issue of Paris-Match some of her secrets, including her passion for fashion and shopping.

Paris-Match colleagues report in effect that while in Paris,  a two-room hotel suite has been specially converted in order to “settle her 200 pairs of high extra heels and his hundred outfits “. These figures are staggering. But the story does not end there. For if the star has brought half of his own wardrobe, she and her stylist Law Roach will buy the rest in Paris.

Her taste for fashion, which is “like a kid in a candy store” in 111celine-dion-et-law-roach-le-nouveau-sty-950x0-1the face of new shoes. “I did not choose, she admits in the columns of the magazine, it happened like this, out of curiosity. (…) I like the change that helps maintain the passion.” What led her to recruit her new stylist  , Law Roach, used to dress the stars.

“All the outfits Law propose to amuse me, says Celine Dion about her. We recently  met and already a beautiful partnership was installed. And for the first time, I refuse to go into the shops in Paris because Law Roach does the shopping for me. ”

111CelineDionStylist Law Roach does not hide her admiration for Celine Dion: “She can even be sexy and feminine with an ample overalls I suggest she tries, and if it feels good, it’s perfect. The main thing is that she is like me,this confidence gives me wings. ”

But do not rely on the designer to deliver the exact number of dresses and shoes that are stacked in the closet of the star. Law Roach admits “she does not like to wear several times the same thing.”

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