From Nice to Saint- Etienne-du Rouvray, the limits of pacifist discourse.


Director of France Security News, Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem.
Director of France Security News, Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem.

by  Alejandro Ronard Alem.- The murder of Father Jacques Hamel, pastor of the Catholic Church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, located in the Metropol , Rouen, city of the region of Normandy, whose population is about 29,000 inhabitants; highlights once again some flaws in the security apparatus and lack of coordination between the executive and judicial branches in France. Flaws that are especially important to correct , in order to fight against the mutation of terrorism on French soil. The spectacular yet rudimentary actions of terrorists, shows the need of the security agencies to do a more complex, extensive and proximity intelligence job, to improve the collection of information in the fight against terrorism.
The young murderers of the 85 years old priest Jacques Hamel, Adel Kerniche and Abdel Malik Petitjean, , were both known to the police. The first one, Adel Karniche, after two attempts to integrate the contingent of Daesh in Syria via Turkey, the french justice system put him under house arrest with an electronic bracelet, with a  pending trial. Notably, the decision was taken by the Judge against the will of  the Advocate General (Representative of the Anti-Terrorist Judiciary) . The Advocate Gral. opposed the measure, presenting an action for annulment of the court decision.

The second one, Abdel Malik Petitjean AMP, categorized a S by security agencies, four days before the murder disappeared from the radar of the police, which led to a wanted and request nationwide order for the capture of A.M.Petitjean

In both cases, the Police founded  connections with the French jihadists based in areas controlled by Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

According to our information, the two young terrorists met four (4) days before the attack, via Telegram.

Telegram is a mobile messaging company , in which all messages are encrypted, and has around 100 million members.

France Security News.- French President Francois Hollande
French President Francois Hollande

This second crime as well as the one in Nice, claimed by Daesh, is  cruel and against any rational reasoning, and shows the real strategy of Daesh: to divide the French society. This time, this terror act ran into a massive interfaith response, where French people with a moderate Muslim faith, were at the forefront of the protests against Islamist terrorism. Will this be enough?

Also in France, and a few days before, in this case the seaside resort of Nice on the French Riviera, was attacked one its traditional and popular sea promenade. Eighty-four dead and 300 wounded, of which 18 are still in intensive care.  Having a psychopathic personality, an unbalanced man called Mohamed Salmene -Bouhlel -born in M´saken, Tunisia, from the town of Sidi Bouzid, the cradle of the Tunisian revolution (the Arab Spring) and  stronghold of the Islamist party Ennaharda .

With character described as violent, and mentally and philosophically alienated. A bloody attack that marks the psyche of the French people, simply with a truck again. As others have done with knives or sticks or stones.
If we refer to the origin of Lahouiej Bouhlel it is because in addition to his psychiatric problems, this terrorist  grew up in Salafist family environment. Salafism is the most orthodox doctrine of Islam. This explains in part his terrorist act. But why Nice? Well, because it was his place of residence. Out of all French that joined Daesh, 10% of them are from the Nice region.  And out of today Daesh´ s 12,000 fighters, some 600 of them are French.

No doubt an act studied, planned and which as demonstrated by the police investigation had multiple accomplices.
Nice is one of the most monitored cities in France. A sort of laboratory combating crime, Nice has a 1200 video surveillance cameras system, a well-armed municipal police and a well experienced National Police in the fight against serious crime. The Islamic terrorism uses new methods of recruiting, less sophisticated and more human. With complicity in the popular media where Salafi preachers still exist as Nice is the case. This mutation in the actions of Daesh, took off guard the security organs of the city of Nice. The government’s response was immediate continuation of the State of Emergency (as was negotiated to 6 months with the parliamentary opposition) with the mobilization of citizen Reserve Professional (which includes military, police officers and civilian public or private employees) , strict border controls and immediate release of funds to accelerate change and provide suitable material to the security forces.

It is evident that the government could not act otherwise, they had to send a message that ensures stability to a nervous public opinion. Counterterrorism has made tremendous progress after 10 years and the lands of jihad are particularly monitored. The international community, the Information Services and Intelligence Agencies are very active on the Pakistani-Afghan areas and around Somalia or the Sahel and Yemen. More recently in Iraq, Syria and Libya, which are to be formed, and are at risk of being detected. But a man acting alone or with the help of a micro cell, where members are linked by family relations or neighborhood, it is virtually difficult to detect. These infra-circuits consist mainly of childhood affinities and certainly share the same criminal code of conduct like many urban gangs do, and offer significant resistance to infiltration by the security services.
The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve ordered a detailed investigation to IGPN (Internal Affairs the National Police). Cazeneuve wants to investigate potential failures and responsibilities at local and national level.  In order to respond to legitimate questions of the French people, particularly the inhabitants of Nice. Last July 20th,  a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Daesh presented the results of its investigation to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Claude Bartolone (please read article here).  The Report gives us an updated view of the financial , military and material means of Daesh. But what interests us in this part of our analysis is the chapter on intangible media, ideological and propaganda of Daesh. A professionalized propaganda that uses the Internet and the various numerical mass media and social media , and against which the operators of the Web appear in the analysis of the Commission as unreactive in the fight against this terrorist group propaganda.
Propaganda organized by Daesh is supported by seven specialized media support divisions, specialized in the production of visual, written or audio content. Daesh controls to perfection the codes to that attract youth. And Daesh is able to adapt their speech both on substance and on how the audience to which it is addressed. At every age, every gender, every geographical location, Daesh has different messages for everybody.  Daesh´s  publications are translated in 11 languages. Already in 2004, Abou Al-Souri Moussab, engineer and former Al-Qaida operative,  of Syrian origin, wrote a condensate of 100 pages (manual) entitled “Call to Global Islamic Resistance”. A true manual for the jihadist militant undoubtedly describing the battle plan Daesh. A programmatic strategy and modern conquest which its main goal is to reach “jihadist proximity”. Terrorist actions to create reprisals and grow massive Islamophobia, thus urging Muslims to rise up against the rest of the population. Creating an atmosphere of civil war. Provocation and propaganda of the “Last Judgment,” which Al-Souri, called the Prophet Muhammad in his writings.
Nicolas Henin a French ex-hostage told the British newspaper The Guardian: “I know them, what they fear most is our unity.” On the elements of some speeches that abound in the mass media about the attack of Nice, I remember the statement of Patrick Calvar Director of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the 2015 Paris attacks; “The confrontation between the ultra-right and the Muslim world is ineluctable in our country, and we must be prepared.”

More than a month ago my colleague and Director of Europe Security News, Victor Bjørgan (interviewed by a AM Radio in Latin America), warned about the imminent risk of attacks on the French Riviera and possibly in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games and he called to be prepared. Unfortunately the facts have given him reason.
The French government is accentuating these days its military response against Daesh in Iraq and Syria. Taking Mosul is at the center of the allied military strategy. France will provide military aid to the Iraqi army, France will provide material heavy artillery, and more instructors and men on the ground. President Francois Hollande knows that taking Mosul is essential from the political point of view, but this campaign is delicate. A city with two million inhabitants, two million hostages, an Iraqi army mostly Shiite, which will have to join the Sunni anti-Daesh militias.

A final offensive is coming, in which Kurdish forces, are another important element Therefore a political strategy of political settlement and peace in the region should be first on the agenda of the anti-Daesh forces. Knowing the prospects of defeat, Daesh will fall back massively in Libya and other neighboring countries in the Middle East or Turkey. In the case of Libya, giving military support to the current authorities, as they have already begun to do.
Domestically they have been taken the following steps: the future of a National Guard, to improve the system of Information and National Intelligence with more staff and more technology. Improve surveillance and control of the interactions that may exist between national citizens and Daesh, a vigorous fight against all forms of financing of terrorist actions.

Total fight against pro-Daesh Salafist Islamism that can exist on French soil. All radical cutting measures to ensure the safety of French, will be taken in strict compliance with the Constitution and the rule of law,  affirmed both President Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls. The fight against racism and anti-Semitism, as well as the role of Education are part of the cultural response. Where Secularism and the emblems of the Republic, more than ever be made manifest both inside and outside the action of our government, told us the Minister of Foreign Affairs J. M Ayrault.

Compelled by the current events, Europeans starts to discover their own weaknesses,  weaknesses that are perhaps the base for building strong democratic societies. Recognize the existence of ghettoes both in geographic space and spirit, it is the first step to solving the problem. It must be given the material means for a policy of inclusion to end the cancer that corrodes our societies. Therapy should be intensive in some cases, multiple drugs in other, always checking the drug dose not kill the patient.

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