Minister Le Drian announced contract for 3,700 vehicles from RENAULT TRUCKS Defense

Minister of Defence signs for 3,700 unprotected light multipurpose tactical vehicles from RENAULT TRUCKS Defense


111renaultcharlotteLyon, France- January 29th- by Charlotte Roudovsky.- On December 8th, France’s Minister of Defense Jean-Yves Le Drian announced a contract with Renault Trucks Defense to acquire 3,700 unprotected light multipurpose tactical vehicles (VLTP-NP) and to supply their support system.

The 3,700 vehicles will be manufactured on the Saint-Nazaire site over a period of over four years.

The VLTP-NP is a 3.5 tonnes vehicle (150 hp), with a carrying capacity of 900 kg. It is the militarization of a reinforced civilian vehicle base (hardening the chassis and suspension in particular) of a station wagon type, on which RENAULT TRUCKS Defense will incorporate the operational elements – weapons, radio. Delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled for 2017. It will replace the P4.

Vehicle support will be provided par Fourchambault site, RENAULT TRUCKS Defense CMCO (Centre de Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle – operational readiness centre). The site has acquired recognized expertise in equipment regeneration, in particular through its experience reconditioning VABs returning from operations.

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