The French National Gendarmerie confirms its choice for Novadem´s Drones.


Novadem´s Drone NX70
Novadem´s Drone NX70

by Charlotte Roudovsky,  Journalist and Head of Communications of France Security News.   Almost one year later to the day following the notification of the first market aiming at equipping the French National Gendarmerie with UAVs, Novadem just won the second contract concerning the furniture of 19 units of the NX70, its new tactical drones. These drones will be deployed throughout the whole national and overseas territories and will provide the National Gendarmerie with reconnaissance and research capabilities in support of conventional equipments. We spoke with Mr. Pascal ZUNINO – Director of Novadem.

France Security News: What were the main reasons of this choice?

Pascal ZUNINO – Director of Novadem: We are proud to develop, for 10 years, drones with unique performances that address challenges of the most demanding missions. Very early, we chose to master our solutions, from propellers to the on-board calculator, in order to guarantee a technological independence and ensure our customers the highest quality level.

This market rewards the R&D efforts undertaken by Novadem to develop a new generation of drone, the NX70, more compact than its elder, the NX110. Focus was in particular placed on miniaturization to develop a drone of less than 1kg (2.2 Lbs) that embeds the latest sensors’ technologies: two ultra-HD cameras and the possibility to add a thermal camera.

As far as performances are concerned, the NX70 offers unique capabilities in its category as it is able to fly up to 45 minutes and to resist to winds reaching 60 km/h (37 mph/h).

With this new acquisition, the French National Gendarmerie becomes the first Gendarmerie force in the world to deploy such a drone capacity.

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