Franco-German strengthen defense collaboration.

From right to left: French Minister of Foreign Relations Jean-Ives Le Drian and German Foreign Relations Minister Mr. Sigmar Gabriel (left).

written by Alejandro Ronard Alem.- Gathered at a press conference this December 4th in Paris, the foreign ministers of France and Germany, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Sigmar Gabriel speak in one voice on behalf of their respective countries.
After reviewing the joint work, the French Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said: “our convergences to strengthen the destiny and changes that the European Union (EU) needs and that the people claim they are more than obvious. On the big world problems our strategies and points of view are the same. Today we speak to the world with one voice. ”
“With Sigmar this week we will inaugurate our joint Embassy in Kuwait,” said Le Drian, while also reporting on the delivery of the Franco-German prize for Human Rights and Rule of Law, to fifteen (15) international personalities next December 10th.

The reward will be granted by the embassies of both countries in the places where the laureates live.

Since 2016, Germany and France have awarded this prize on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day every December 10th.

For Jean-Yves Le Drian with this award, Germany and France have launched a clear signal in favor of the universality of human rights and provide support to those who commit themselves throughout the world in favor of the protection and promotion of Human Rights .
The German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel referred to “the serious situation generated in Yemen with the bloody clashes in Sanaa which caused the death of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and further aggravated the situation. We call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and we reiterate our support for the Special Envoy of the Secretary General Mr. Ismaïl Ould Cheikh Ahmed”. Sigmar Gabriel condemned the air attacks on the population of Sanaa in particular, emphasizing that Saudi Arabia and the belligerents must make a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to reach the Yemeni people.
Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) was appointed in January of this year as Minister of Foreign Affairs in replacement of Frank-Walter Steinmeir. Gabriel was Minister of Economy and retained the title of Vice-Chancellor of the Merkel Government.

“We support France efforts in the search for a balance and security that guarantees peace in Lebanon, in Libya we share the need for an immediate intervention of the UN Security Council to end slavery and the sale of human beings ”

Finally S. Gabriel praised the international presence of the French President Emmanuel Macron highlighting his bold positions on the transformation of the European Union and making the vote, that these are supported by the next government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Lastly, it is worth remembering the first Franco-German Minister Council of the Macron era, where together with Angela Merkel, both leaders declared to decide to deepen the cooperation between the two countries with ambition and efficiency.

From this bi-national Council of Ministers will arise the initiatives that today are advancing as; put in place The Paris agreement on climate, participating in a single voice in international forums such as the G20 and the United Nations. And also the Forum “One Planet Summit” in Paris.

Strengthening European Defense by ensuring the success of the European Defense Fund, is another of the work priorities of the Franco-German Council of Defense and Security. Promoting joint reinforcement of military capabilities (new generation of terrestrial systems, marine patrol systems, Eurodrone, combat aircraft, helicopters, anti-terrorist cooperation).
Together the two countries launched an “Alliance for the Sahel”, also improving the operational cooperation with the Sahel G5.

Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem

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