France: From Francois Hollande to Emmanuel Macron.

222macronhollandeby Alejandro Ronad Alem.-   Today, Sunday 7 May 2017, France decided to enter into a new era. A President gives way to another in a power transmission Full of symbols, balances, emotions and hopes.

Francois Hollande the European and Social Democrat passed the Presidency to Emmanuel Macron, European and liberal social-democrat, for the
Will of a people who said No to extremist populism.

In this way the winner of the presidential elections with 66.01% of votes, enters the history of France by the big door
As the youngest President since the Republic was created.
Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, first French President was 40 when he was elected, Macron is 39.

Officially, the eighth President of the V (Fifth) French Republic received from the outgoing the powers, Codes and keys, in a ceremony that the services of the Eliseo Palace announced as “simple, clear and amical”. And within the most Pure republican tradition.

The former and the new President know each other well, far from adversaries. They recognize each other in an almost filial relationship.
Emmanuel Macron owes much of his rapid political assent to Francois Hollande. Hollande said in the days following the resignation of E.Macron from his post of Minister of the Economy; “He knows what he owes me.”

Adding in every opportunity “my successor will have the opportunity to continue and amplify the reforms that I begin.” “I leave a better country that I was given in 2012”.

This statement that is certainly true, and that should be corroborated by the “Balance” box that the new team will necessarily have to do starting tomorrow. Despite Hollande’s major social advances and international courageous decisions, on the job front (one of the most important concerns of the French), President Macron must go fast and stomping because the situation is not the best in a France whose economic divide is important.
There will be no state of grace for the President-elect, and this Macron knows well.

This transfer of mandate is developed in a certain complicity and a joy manifested already, in the commemorations of the Victory of 8 of May of 1945 of the European nations and their allies against Nazism.
That day an ex-combatant of this war that devastated Europe, he said with an evil air in his eyes “Without a doubt, the most important accomplishment of the quinquennial of President Hollande is this”, as?, Which? I asked, “if this , The election of Emmanuel Macron, “the old man replied smiling.

The election of Emmanuel Macron opened a window of pure air and Hope in the people of France, especially in youth.

President Macron entered today to the Eliseo Palace with  his first circle of collaborators that marked the effectiveness of his rapid assent to the
power. But his wife Brigitte, his alter-ego, also came , who from the beginning of this adventure was by his side as always helping him in the way and without doubt also in the contents. This victory is the victory of a couple, atypical for the great majority,

Love, complicity and mutual fascination for the new President.

Macron entered alone to the Government Palace, the protocol is thus, since Francois Hollande leaves alone, his current companion will not appear next to him.
Brigitte Macron will wait inside the Palace, but this is the protocol, except that these two characters who are E.Macron and F.Hollande do not deprive themselves of transgressing the protocol rules, as a final “wink” to history.

Already inside the Eliseo Palace, the two men alone, in the large office of the President had an interview of about 40 minutes.
The discussion was about the situation of the country, about certain state secrets, one of the fundamental nuclear codes.
Then Emmanuel Macron visited the most confidential piece of the Eliseo Palace, the “PC Jupiter” a subterranean bunker that serves as Military Command.

Then President Macron  accompanied the outgoing to his car. But the official ceremony does not end here, Emmanuel Macron was also entronized as Head of the Army of France in the hall of the Palace where he received the Great Collar of the Legion of Honor.
His speech of investiture followed, transmitted to the French and the world.

After leaving Palace, former President Hollande visited  -as in the past F. Mitterand did in 1995-  the headquarters of the Socialist Party in the Solférino street a few steps from Parliament in the center of Paris.

Thus begins a new chapter in the history of France and Europe.

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