President Emmanuel Macron and change in France

The new French president was driven in an open-top military vehicle up the Champs-Élysées. Photo credit to BBC
The new French president was driven in an open-top military vehicle up the Champs-Élysées. Photo credit to BBC

by Alejandro Ronard Alem.- Of the Emmanuel Macron transition process from candidate to President, no doubt it has been operated a change, and he showed that from the first day of being elected. With that image on the pyramid of the Louvre Museum, like Francois Mitterrand did in the past, Macron sends undisguised symbols of what will be his new presidency and his relationship with power.

Firstly profoundly European, the “Hymn to Happiness”, Hymn of the European Union, accompanied him the whole way from his entrance to his speech at the podium, as Mitterrand did in 1981 in his first encounter as President elect with the French people. The Louvre, loaded with the history of France, faces the Pyramid which symbolizes among other things the verticality in the functions of the State.

Gravity on his face, in the manner of a De Gaulle, “I have understood you.” In his dress, suit and tie, nothing vulgar in him, on the contrary.
Emmanuel Macron that despite his rapid and brilliant political ascension, he acquired experience during the presidential teerms of  Sarkozy and then Hollande, scrutinizing political power and especially the presidential function. As an experience internalized a finding: the French desire, shout for change but are deeply linked to the special role of the Head of State. In the image of a protective President.

Despite his resounding victory, he knows that in order to begin in depth the proposed change in his program, he has to mark his perimeter from the very beginning. And give all the effective elements to the implementation of such a program, both politically and administratively.

Macron was in Bercy (Ministry of the Economy), the “admiral  boat” of the French administration, therefore he knows perfectly well the operation of the rest of the State Administration. Efficiency but also slowness and failure.
And as from the beginning, the social conflicts that he inherits and the riots in the streets that are announced, he knows that he must go fast with efficiency respecting scrupulously the Constitution and The rule of law.

With his team he has worked a strategy, for several weeks, that in the first place he must solve the delicate situation of fracture that sharpened his election. His choice was an oxygen window that opened a new future. The prospect of the French people must be accompanied by facts that affirm confidence in change. Because oxygen can cause uncontrollable fires in the “house” France.

Its Cabinet of Government is formed by high officials of the Administration and the loyals of the first hour will be part of the
“Château” as it is called in the journalistic jargon to the Palace of the Eliseo.

Its head of cabinet will be Jean-Marie Girier, an experienced ex-collaborator of the Mayor of Lyon and its Director of the campaign.
Alexis Kohler his chief of staff in Bercy will be the Secretary General of Eliseo.
Julien Denormandi the Deputy Secretary-General.
Stéphane Séjourné his Political Adviser.
At his side will be the economists Jean Pisani-Ferry, Philippe Martin and Marc Ferracci.
Quentin Lafay his speech writer,  Sophie Ferracci-Gagnant for the questions of State.Laurence Haïm until today, one of his spokesperson.
For international diplomacy Gérard Araud, in the European Clement Beaune and Aurélien Lechevallier.
Jean.Claude Cousseran for the Middle East.
Her former press officer in Bercy, Barbara Frugier leaves the Bank of France to handle the International Communication to the Presidential Palace.
Emmanuel Macron’s long list of future collaborators comes from many of his generation in the ENA (National School of Administration) and his journey in administration and the private sector.
Finally, we can point out that Pierre-Olivier Costa , Bertrand Delanoë and Ana Hidalgo at the Paris City Hall will be in charge of the First Lady Agenda Brigitte Macron.

In order to form his first government and to enter hard on the matters of government, Emmanuel Macron made a call to the reformers of the center, the left and the right to join him in the task of transforming society.

“I ask progressives, reformers, all those who agree with the values I am embodying, to join in this new offer and go forward and to the bottom of the reform of French political life that I have begun. ” This is the preaching of Emmanuel Macron ever since he took he set off for the Palace of the Elisee.

Opinion polls, which for now have not been wrong in the French case, take it for granted that it will have a sufficient majority in the next National Assembly, which will allow him to govern.
The key is the Prime Minister who will be nominated this Sunday night or no later than Monday, May 15, as he will be in charge of the new battle of the legislative elections on June 11 and 18.

No doubt in this First Government of the Macron era will see names like Richard Ferrand, Benjamin Grivaux, Christhofe Castaner, Jean-Paul Delevoye, Gérard Collomb, Francois Patriat, Sylvie Goulard, Jacques Mézard, Francois Bayrou and Jean-Yves Le Drian, who, as he put it, maybe will stay another year in charge of the Secretary of Defense.
There will be personalities from civil society, that is the surprise that is expected. But all the political observers agree to say that the Prime Minister is certainly not on this list. The task of the new French President is difficult, but the truth is that his alchemy has worked successfully for him.

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