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Dear friends, dear readers:
To you, who have supported our work in Europe Security News, and to our new readers,
we welcome you in this new space that we inaugurate today: France Security News.

And we do it in this special time of the year: 14th of July, the National Day of France, By doing so, we launch FranceSecurityNews.com  in homage to our people that has suffered the worst terrorist attacks of human barbarity. Also we do this in tribute to those who from their posts, from their
work, have had the hard task of carrying out a rapid and effective response to terrorism. We also do this in homage to those – be they from the private sector or the public one- who in these years have generously opened their doors to us , so that we are able to do our journalist work.
France Security News FSN is the French brother of  EuropeSecurityNews.com . In FSN  we focus on information and analysis, not on a timely and daily basis,  but we will be open for a more in depth analysis, more company information, and on strategic reports that will enlighten our readers on the issues of security and defense.

We will have a open doors policy , specially towards scientists, businessmen, the industry, field personnel as well as leaders,  who are tasked with improving public safety and defense of the French Republic.

In synthesis, these are our goals, and our work will be strenthened by your contribution.

In this July 14, 2016 , our humble homage is aimed at the victims of terrorist attacks in France, to those who combat in the frontline against this  global scourge,  in tribute to the leaders responsible of solving the problems of the war on terror, by giving quick and succesfull answers to those problems.  Our homage also to the representatives of the French people in their search to balance democracy, republic and security in a rapidly changing Europe.

And finally, we can not forget and we pay tribute to the journalists, cartoonists and editors who were killed in the exercise of their profession.

Happy Independence Day, people of France!

Paris July 14, 2016

Alejandro R. Alem                                                                 Victor R. 111logo140716-BDBjorgan

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