Diateam-Platform Hysesim-Cybersec in Cluster Brittany

About the Cluster in Brittany.-  With great schools and research centers transformed into centers of excellence and technological excellence, by the political will of the institutional and private actors, the Finistere is a vast urban, rural and maritime territory. Territory in which fundamental and applied research “ glued”  together to give answers to the specific needs of an agricultural and industrial world in full mutation. This territory that has been mobilized to obtain the label “French Tech”; and today Brittany  is located in the French fourth place within the  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The region of Finistère the ICT´s represent over 10.000 jobs.  Only the city of Brest  has 3 schools of Engineers in the field of electronics and numerical engineering.  The ENSTA Bretagne is an establishment under the direct supervision of the General  Directorate of Armaments (DGA) of the Ministry of Defence.

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