About Cluster Ile de France, Security & Defense

The Ile de France has eight clusters among 71 approved by the CIADT, Interdepartmental Committee on Planning and Land Development).  The first four were approved by the CIACT the 14th of October 2005. Two others were validated in July 2007: the cluster Finance Innovation and ASTech. Each of these clusters is intended to create jobs and increase the attractiveness of the region in a given area at national or international level. Three of them were selected as “worldwide clusters” : Finance Innovation, Systematic Paris-Region and Medicen. Three have been identified as “clusters which will become worldwide” : Cap Digital and MOV´EO. Advancity is a “national cluster”.

The Île-de-France region consists of a large metropolitan and capital city region centered around Paris.
Hence, many fundamental aspects typical for metropolitan regions are also seen here, such as its function as a location for multinational companies from the software and IT services industry.
However, in comparison to other metropolitan areas such as London, the surface area is much larger, leading to a slightly lower population and company density.
Especially noticeable were how low it ranked in the categories “Turnover” and “Industry-specific factors”. In all other categories, this region achieved one of the top places.
Both in the concentration of turnover and employment, it is clear that the 10 leading companies have approximately the same number of employees and turnover as the 90 companies that follow them.

Overall, this combination of a metropolitan region and a specialization in knowledge-intensive services, including IT services (similar to the situation in London), as well as its strong current position, all result in a very positive outlook for further development.


1) The SPIE Cluster in  Ile-de-France Northwest, a Security Cluster, is also member of GICAT.  This cluster doors SPIE’s activities in the Ile-de-France regions, Picardie,  Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Upper Normandie.  Through its 40 subsidiaries, SPIE Ile-de-France North West implements electrical engineering skills, HVAC and mechanical engineering at the service of its customers.

As the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE helps its customers design, build, operate and maintain energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities.

With more than 38,000 employees working from nearly 550 locations in 35 countries, SPIE achieved consolidated revenues of €5.22 billion in 2014 and consolidated EBITA of €334 million.
SPIE´s specificities are:
Skills in managing large commercial projects in electricity and HVAC,
Multi-technical maintenance activity, multiservice,
Logistics services offered in deployment and maintenance of multi-site networks,
Offer dedicated to the collective housing sector for electrical installation work
Through its housing division created in 2008, SPIE Ile-de-France Northwest offers players in the multiple housing construction an offer of electrical, automation solutions, heating and plumbing.

Among SPIE´s Practice Areas related to Security:  Protection of sensitive infrastructure and facilities – Video surveillance Remote surveillance – Perimeter Security (barriers, harrows, fences, nets, barbed wire) – Means of control of access and input – Detection of dangerous substances and articles – Biometrics
Also SPIE´s mainly does AC, Electricity, electronics, computer.

2) EDEN.-

EDEN, the first Defense, Safety and Security Cluster was founded in 2008 by six Rhône-Alpes businessmen. In 2011, EDEN became a French national Federation combining four regional associations: Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Central France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA).

EDEN represents a single entry point, innovative and complementary solutions, high-performing and reactive companies and a shared spirit of customer satisfaction.

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