About Aquitaine Clusters in Security & Defense

The network of clusters in the Region is a key to improvement of industrial policy and innovation support, driven by the Aquitaine Regional Council.

Networks embodied in the Aquitaine poles and clusters are providers of potential competitiveness gains for several thousands of companies in the region by:

  • their ability to foster cooperation between its members
  • their ability to bring together  industrial, technological and training resources
  • links with territories and stakeholders contributing to economic development

Despite the heterogeneity of the companies taking part of the Clusters in Aquitaine (like different maturity, critical size, scope of action, labeling), all of them have something in common and that is the culture of cooperation and innovation, technological or non-technological.
Each pole or cluster represents a sectoral specialization / thematic. If this specialization is real, it must also go hand in hand with openness to cross-sector collaborations and to become also carriers of innovations.

It is in this perspective that the Aquitaine Regional Council entrusted a mission to Aquitaine Innovation Development (ADI), intended to promote exchanges between poles and Aquitaine clusters and their companies, to bring out innovation projects in a cross-fertilization between the logic of different industrial sectors.

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